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2nd European Conference of Oncology Pharmacy (ECOP) 26th – 28th June 2014
Here you can download the lectures.

Here you can download the ECOP 2 Daily News.
ESOP delegate meeting January 2014
25 countries have diuscussed the future activities of ESOP. New chairs have been elected and the affiliation of Ethiopia was agreed. The next few month all activities will be focus to make the ECOP 2 meeting in Krakow successful and to strength the practical local activities of all ESOP members.
7th Masterclass in Oncology Pharmacy and ESOP-ESO Advanced Masterclass in Oncology Pharmacy
54 Participants from 24 countries have attended the Masterclasses
from 21st to 25th October 2013 in Dresden, Germany.
ESOP delegate meeting January 2013
22 countries have been reprensentated by their delegates at the ESOP board and General assembly 24th to 25th January 2013 in Hamburg. The internal discussion about the future activities and the board election have been followed by lectures to a open forum.
The new ESOP committee, elected at the 21th NZW on January 25th 2013 in Hamburg.
(from left to right) Vice-President Prof. Alain Astier (France) Secretary Andrea Eberl (Slovenia), , Treasurer Camille Groos (Luxembourg); Vice-President Stavroula Theophanous-Kitiri (Cyprus); President Klaus Meier (Germany)
ECOP European Conference of Oncology Pharmacy, Budapest, Hungary
Delegates from 24 countries in Front of the "Gundel". The begin of a long meeting with trend-setting decisions.
In 2014 we will meet together again with more then 500 participants from 50 countries at the next ECOP

ESOP-Presentation at the DUHPHAT 2012
For more pictures of the ESOP-Presentation at the DUHPHAT 2012
please click here. »

1. Conference of Bulgarien Association of Oncology Pharmacy

From left to right:
1.Venelin Sapunarov - President of Regional Pharmaceutical College - Sofia Capital City
2.Albena Chamurdgieva - Head of Pharmacy of Military Hospital Sofia
3.Velina Grigorova - Head of Pharmacy of Specialized Children's Oncohematology Hospital and President of BAOP
4.Klaus Meier - President DGOP
5.Nina Parvanova - President of Bulgarian Assosiation of Hospital Pharmacists
6.Tzvetanka Valchanova - Head of Pharmacy of Specialized Hematology Hospital
7.Assoc.Prof.Ilko Getov, PhD,MScPharm, Faculty of Rharmacy , Medical Univercity Sofia

For more pictures of the 1. Conference of Bulgarien Association of Oncology Pharmacy please click here. »
ESOP delegate meeting January 2012

Joint press announcement from ESOP and EAHP regarding World Cancer Day 2012
Download »

26 countries have been reprensentated by their delegates at the ESOP board and General assembly 26th to 27th January 2012 in Hamburg.

The internal discussion about the future activities and the next ECOP in Budapest have been followed by 11 lectures to a open forum.

The PDF-files from our lectures of the delegate meeting (open session) are now availlable for Download. »

Participants from twelve Countries during the 5th masterclass in Zagreb.

The ESOP delegate meeting with more than 40 participants from 23 countries has offered new impressions to the 2500 members. In 2012 the 12th ECOP meeting will be hosted in Budapest. The Scientific work is starting now by preparing the first announcement in the next few weeks for the community. Besides this the way is open for all members to work in one of the working groups who can be found above.

The new ESOP committee, elected at the 8th NZW Europe on January 29th 2010 in Hamburg.
(from left to right) Secretary Prof. Per Hartvig Honoré (Denmark), President Klaus Meier (Germany), Treasurer Camille Groos (Luxembourg), Vice-President Prof. Alain Astier (France); (in the front) Vice-President Stavroula Theophanous-Kitiri (Cyprus)
Delegate meeting on 29th January 2010
21 countries with nearly 50 delegates have finally been present to make decisions and to elect. The new structure of the ESOP is reflecting the increasing demands in the different fields of activities. The secretariat has grown up into a board of 14 offices. The collaboration with the ECCO and also other important societies in Europe is the goal as well as the winning of more members.
Delegate meeting on 22th January 2009
On January 22nd 2009 again the delegate meeting with participants from 22 countries took place a day before the 6th EU-NZW meeting and the continuation of the Luxembourg working groups about Quality Standard of Oncology Pharmacy Service.
The delegates discussed the situation in Europe based on country reports and welcomed the delegate from Turkey as well as a report from Portugal where the raising of national groups are in building process.
A working group for harmonizing the continuing education in oncology pharmacy was established in order to be included in the European CME discussion.
The next meeting will be held at ECCO 15 in Berlin where several presentations will be given by Oncology Pharmacy and a booth of ESOP will be present from 21rst to 24th September.
3rd Conference in Standardisation of Oncology Pharmacy Service Luxembourg

68 Delegates from 19 countries met the EU Commissioner Mrs. Vassiliou at their meeting in Luxembourg.

6th EU-NZW Conference in Hamburg
At the 6th EU-NZW Conference in Hamburg speakers from US and UK as well as from Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Rep., Poland, Austria, The Netherlands, France and Germany presented lectures.
The days before ESOP delegates from 18 European countries discussed not only the results from the last ECCO meeting in Barcelona but also the following actions:
- A recommendation for transport of highly potent drugs has been issued and the logo will be available at ESOP homepage in all EU languages
- A survey is launched on our webside to understand the role of pharmacists in the specific information to CML patients
- All Members are invited to participate at the 3rd ESOP Conference for Quality on 26th and 27th September 2008 in Luxembourg Final information: the french version of the ESOP constitution has been accepted by the responsibilities in Luxembourg. Please take a look at it under "constitution".
Delegate meeting on 26th January 2007
The last delegate meeting on 26th January 2007 with delegates from 20 European countries was very succesful. A new baord was elected. But also the main topics as ESOP satellite on September 24th at the ECCO meeting in Barcelona and the First Masterclass for Oncology Pharmacy from November 5th to 9th has been discussed.
Delegate meeting 16th September 2006
At the delegate meeting 16th September 2006 in Ljubljana the following topics have been discussed and decided by the 13 member countries:

1) To present in 2007 a masterclass in Oncology pharmacy. This topics is coordinated bei Per Hartvig Honoré (D). You find the programm under downloads. Every country is asked to present teachers for the programm

2) ECCO ESOP satellite meeting will happen on 24th September 2007 in Barcelona. The delegates decided. the following program:

To increase quality for patients - additional support through Oncology Pharmacy

Presenting some successful examples for the colaboration between physicians, nurses and pharmacists. Followed by a Roundtable: "What is still be needed and how to serve the demands"

3) European Journal:

"The decision has been made to name a person from each country to be responsible and member of the affiliated editorial board in order to collect articles and find writers."

4) Collaboration with physicians:"Delegates from 13 European countries signed the "Ljubliana Declaration" (see downloades). Members are called up to inform all important persons and organizations in their country."

5) Roules and standing orders have been finalized. The nomination will end on 23rd November, elections will happen at the delegate meeting on 25/26th January 2007 in Hamburg
  ESOP questionnaire:
The questionnaire for benchmarking on the national level and between the countries is now available:
Please download it below and send it by fax to : 0049407905900.

Questionnaire _Eu (English) .pdf

Questionnaire _Eu (English) .doc

Some localized versions are also available. Please take a look at your national site for a form in your language (if any).

The more pharmacists will partecipate to the survey the more we will know about the demands we have to work for.

The national language will offer the opportunity to everybody to be a part of our Oncology Pharmacy Movement.
If you're looking for older news go to the archiv. read more »

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