Special Interest Group (SIG)

Are you interested in working in a specific topic? Now is your chance.

In the table you can find topics on which we are currently working. Special Interest Groups (SIGs). If you are interested in joining a Special Interest Group (SIG) write an email to membershipservice@esop.li

NrSpecial Interest GroupCoordinator
1Development of quality standards (QuapoS)Kristjan Kongi
2Safe working and occupational exposure (MASHA)Ewelina Korczowska
3Compounding and GMPKristjan Kongi
4Automation and robotizationTilman Schöning
5Oncology continuous education (EUSOP)Christophe Bardin & Mina Kovacevic
6BiosimilarsMarko Skelin
7Supportive care for patients with cancerMirjam Crul
8Pharmaco-economicsRobert Terkola
9eHealth in oncologyRobert Terkola & Sherif Kamal
10Clinical Pharmacy (1): patient counseling (on the ward/community pharmacy)
+ Clinical Pharmacy (2): checking prescriptions (medication reconciliation, drug drug interactions) (Pharmacovigilance)
Mirjam Crul & Christophe Bardin
11Pharmacokinetics and Therapeutic Drug MonitoringChristophe Bardin
12ResearchRobert Terkola
13Oral cancer drugsJelena Rosentreter
14RadiopharmacyMichal Budinsky & Roman Gonec
15Paediatric cancerSvetlana Buraja