The world froze, 3 years ago due to COVID, 1 year ago due to the warlike measures against Ukraine with its 8 million refugees. And now world events are threatening to freeze us. Millions of people in Turkey and Syria are seemingly helpless to save their loved ones, to remove walls of houses weighing tons and to care for the injured in the hope of still saving lives.
Wherever we are on earth, we cannot close our eyes to this natural disaster. Countless countries are sending volunteers with search dogs and supplies to cross broken roads and bridges into Turkey and northern Syria. Some of our colleagues, who train in their spare time with rescue services and dog teams, are facing this emergency.
The rest of us can support this work through monetary donations and include the people there in our prayers, whatever our religion.
We are not giving up on anyone!

ESOP – the world’s largest multinational oncology pharmacy society,
supporting the interests of cancer patients.

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Dear members and friends,

2022 – an eventful year for all of us. Some of us are experiencing painful challenges on a daily basis, others are experiencing drastic changes also in their families.
Corona is not over and has awakened us to questions of the environment and life itself, while our planet is moving more and more towards the abyss due to human concepts based on greed and immoderation. Climate change, destruction of nature and biodiversity, war and flight, excessive exploitation on the one hand and immense accumulation of wealth for a few on the other, concentration of power with immense digital control. A world that has come apart at the seams, interrelationships so complex that one has to doubt that human abilities can stop this process.
We need a fundamental change of thought systems, of sustainable ideas. Away from the idea of perpetual growth, from the view that humans dominate nature, towards a co-living in nature based on empathy and mindfulness. Let us finally learn to live differently. Often less is more.
I am grateful that I have been able to share this and especially our role in supporting cancer patients with so many people, both digitally and in person. At the #ECOP in Hamburg in June, colleagues from 50 nations around the world came together to teach and learn from each other. It is important to say thank you to those who did not let themselves be constricted and who contributed with all their energy to fill our working groups on 15 different areas with life. Who often put their personal lives aside to be there for others. It is impossible to list all the names here. Nevertheless, be proud of your courage and of the fact that you are fighting for a better world.
In this spirit, I wish all friends, acquaintances and colleagues a Happy New Year full of health, love, confidence and peace.


Klaus Meier

ESOP President