A new uniform logo for all working groups

For a convincing representation of our content and goals and active members

The spirit of collaboration drives us. We have members who have been doing daily work for decades and others who have just started out in this area of work.

The exchange on practical and technical questions is not only of great importance for us and our knowledge gains, but the result should be an improvement for cancer patients.

The exchange takes place on the basis of trust and mutual recognition. For this reason, at the beginning of last year we asked members about their interests and founded working groups.
After the name Special Interest Group led to misunderstandings, because we do not convene the working groups to address individual, separate and often industry-imitated questions, as other societies do, but we are interested in a long-term and sustainable improvement in our level of knowledge.
For this reason, we will make this clear with a new logo for these working groups and publish the names of the working group members and the respective work results on the homepage, which can be used in everyday life.
This may also be used by people who have not yet become members of ESOP Global, but we are sure that the possibility of intensive exchange, which is only carried out by members in the WG´s, will encourage anyone who is really interested to do so in the future.
We warmly invite you to promote better care for cancer patients, which is closely related to our level of knowledge and experience, and to work in the working groups as a member of the ESOP Global.

Save the Date: ECOP 6 from 2-4 October 2024 in Lisbon

The experiences of the last meetings, 2012 in Budapest, Hungary, 2014 in Krakow, Poland, 2016 in Dubrovnik, Croatia, 2018 in Nantes, France and 2022 in Hamburg, Germany have reassured us of the importance of personal exchange not only on a national but on an international level as well. 

ECOP 6 offers a tremendous opportunity for exchange and debate between its nearly 4.000 members, colleagues, and partners from more than 69 countries worldwide. The spacious meeting facilities in Lisbon congress center give us the opportunity to organize a great face-to-face conference.

Join over 30 hours of advanced education with keynote lectures, practical and clinical lecture sessions, workshops, scientific symposia and poster sessions, highlighting all fields of oncology pharmacy. 

Get yourself involved and present your own work at our extensive poster exhibition – inspire and be inspired by the work of colleagues from around the world. And have a stroll around our vast exhibition area and experience new products and information from pharmaceutical companies.

We look forward to welcome you in person in Lisbon and celebrate the best in oncology pharmacy with you!

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