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Oncology Pharmacy – French Guidelines 2020

Dear Colleagues.

The pandemic has a firm grip on the world. People can no longer leave their homes normally. The economy is on a downward slide. Some countries have more medical assistance, others less. Tests cannot or are not carried out everywhere. The true extent is not known to all of us.
This creates fear and uncertainty. Such a situation requires those on the front line, and I am thinking not only of vendors in grocery stores and public utilities, but also of colleagues in public pharmacies and retirement homes, and especially everyone working in hospitals.
We pharmacists are part of the wave that is leading the fight against the effects of the virus. It becomes apparent to all attentive people that medical care for the population in most countries did not take precedence over other government benefits, and now the extent of the care restrictions is becoming apparent. As we know, we had been critical of the restrictions on the supply of medicinal products for years and demanded that the companies concentrate on local and patient-related care. >> >> go to WHO >>

Yours Klaus Meier, President