Dear colleagues,

Please point out personally that you are part of our movement for better care for patients with cancer.

On Sunday, 4th February 2024 we will be celebrating World Cancer Day.
It is not just one day that moves us, but all 365 days on which we are confronted with this disease that will not let us go. There is only one thing we can do: Be strong, prevent, accompany and support. To do this, we need medicines that are available without restriction.
That is why we are raising our voices all over the world and calling on all those responsible not just to talk, but to act, otherwise it will be too late for many of our fellow citizens. The more we are, the stronger our voice will be. #safetyforcitizens

Dear colleagues,

This is my annual greeting to all of our more than 4000 members around the world who have dedicated themselves to helping cancer patients better. We have all learnt that medication is not an end in itself, but only a means to an end, and that it can only achieve its full effect through our personal attention to the patient. In our daily work, we had and still have hardly any time to reflect on ourselves and realize the necessity of our profession.

What is the world doing to us? What are we doing to the world?

For decades, we have been supporting each other, regardless of religious beliefs and political convictions, with the aim of being there for all cancer patients together without reservation. We have greeted each other, even if the beginning of the year, the celebration of religious festivals and other regional events were not the same for everyone. We know that it is better to be together than apart.

Why am I writing about this? I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that any act aimed at the destruction of life evokes deep sadness. Pharmacists worldwide, chosen by societies in COVID times to be providers and available under the harshest conditions, know few professions that have had to do the same. Injustices that are almost unbearable and yet endured spiral out of control when the balance is upset and political currents want to use this to their advantage.

In many countries around the world, attempts are being made to gain power over people, indeed over entire societies, by undermining laws and principles of behavior. An 18th century general once said that “war is only the continuation of politics by other means”. If this is true, then we can dispense with this means in principle and move towards less warlike forms of conflict.

And what does all this tell us? On the one hand, that those who want to hold on to humanity have no reason not to continue doing so. Secondly, that the attitude for a better world cannot die if we succeed in communicating this attitude to others as a solution.

The year is not yet over, and we do not know what cruelties the wicked of this world will come up with to confuse and humiliate us and everyone else. But the will of man to be and remain human will resist.

We will continue to empathize and suffer with each of us, but also celebrate, because the time for this will come.

In the meantime, we want to work together on a positive development worldwide.
We want to do everything we can to ensure that the supply of medicines is guaranteed everywhere and to campaign for support for our demands. People who find adequate work in their region and thus stabilize the social systems are citizens who can look to the future with confidence, especially if the products with which they supply their fellow citizens are available in sufficient quantities and at affordable prices. Supply bottlenecks don’t stand a chance if we can ensure the regional supply of all products and also influence environmentally friendly production.

In 2024, we want to provide every single citizen of our world the chance to support progress and create a better world with their vote and their signature.

Be a part of it. Carry the light of goodwill to everyone you know.


Klaus Meier
President ESOP Global

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