ESOP Declaration

ESOP Declaration 2000

The International Society of Oncology (ISOPP) exists since 1996 and we are its European members. At the biannual ISOPP congress in Prague, April 2000, delegates of 17 European countries decided to initiate a European chapter of the ISOPP, the European Society of Oncology Pharmacy (ESOP).

It is predominantly the discussion that we have had in the past, about standardisation, certification and specialisation within the oncological pharmaceutical services, that unifies us. The effort to obtain collective answers to the above questions, especially in Europe, is starting to show results. Regarding the fact, that the situation of the oncology patient must be viewed upon as a whole, and that his needs and desires play an important factor we are aware that focusing on the cytostatic treatment alone is not enough we realise, that we also need to focus on a variety of other things, such as the appropriate diet, an adequate analgesic medication and the correct anti-emetic scheme We understand that we cannot ignore the social and psychological problems that the patient may experience by his or her situation.

In view of the fact that the financial resources have become limited, it has become necessary to intensify our pharmaceutical service, in order to increase cost effectiveness, to help ensure the adequate medical treatment and to prevent quality loss.

Here we can apply the following instruments:

Pharmaceutical care

By this we achieve the goals of the ISOPP:


The aim of the society will be to determine the optimal medical treatment for cancer patients, thereby improving their quality of life.


To promote clinical practice, research and development in drug use and administration for the treatment of cancer patients.

Europe is developing into a nation (continent) that behaves like a melting pot for all different cultures. However Europe can only act unified if the needs and differences of each country is respected, and here the regional factors as well as the language play a role.

Unity in diversity is one motto of the ISOPP. How typical is this for Europe?

It is the goal of ESOP to bring the aims of ISOPP, whose members we all are, closer to the Europeans living in Europe.