Working Groups

Are you interested in working in a specific topic? Now is your chance.

In the following you can find topics on which we are currently working. If you are interested in joining a Working Group, please write an email to

1. Development of quality standards (QuapoS)

2. Safe working and occupational exposure (MASHA)

3. Compounding and GMP

4. Automation and robotization

5. Oncology continuous education (EUSOP)

6. Biosimilars

7. Supportive care for patients with cancer

8. Pharmaco-economics

9. eHealth in oncology

10. Clinical Pharmacy (1): patient counseling (on the ward/community pharmacy)
+ Clinical Pharmacy (2): checking prescriptions (medication reconciliation, drug drug interactions) (Pharmacovigilance)

11. Pharmacokinetics and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

12. Research

13. Oral cancer drugs

14. Radiopharmacy

15. Paediatric cancer