If you like to become a member please contact your national organisation or the delegate from your country and fulfill the membership form.

Membership Benefits for:

  1. Oncology Pharmacists
  2. Pharmacy Students
  3. Medical Students, Residents, Physicians
  4. Medical and surgical Oncologists
  5. Nursing Staff

Your ESOP membership allows you to:

  • Build your evidence based best practice in oncology that is practical and sustainable
  • Get Access to ESOP community of Oncology experts
  • Get Access to standards, best practice and evidence based materials
  • You are going to share your successes and challenges and make a difference by getting involved in the work that matters to the oncology profession
  • You will gain expert support to help you with your practice and your career in oncology field.
  • Build your competency in Oncology. You will gain the skills, knowledge, attitude and abilities essential for oncology practice in a patient centered outcome oriented environment.
  • You will expand your knowledge with members only resources access on our website and get instant access to:
    -On-demand webinars
    -Peer-written and reviewed articles
    -Full access to ESOP publications
    -Enjoy special saving on different events and educational activities
    -Decreased cost for spill kit
    -Free use of yellow hand logos

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