International E-Learnings

The following E-Learnings are already available:

Education ContentSpeaker
1.A.1 Quality Standards of Oncology Pharmacy (Quapos) ESOPKristjan Kongi
1.A.2 Quality Management Systems Around GlobeKristjan Kongi
1.D.2 AutomationJure Dolenc
1.D.3 FacilitiesKristjan Kongi
1.F.1 The Risk of Working with Cytotoxic DrugsEwelina Korczowska
1.F.2 Monitoring Methods in Occupational HealthEwelina Korczowska
2.A.1 Formulation of Anticancer DrugsVisnja Glisic
2.B Clinical Trials in OncologyDr. Uta Kerkweg
2.C The challange of oral chemotherapy compliance adherence – methods of enhancingKlaus Meier
2.D Physicochemical Stability of Anticancer DrugsProf. Alain Astier
2.G Medication Errors / Risk AssessmentNadine Zeinab
3.E Radio PharmacyMichal Budinsky
3.F.1 Supportive Therapy ManagementNadine Zeinab
3.H Side Effects of Anticancer DrugsNadine Zeinab
3.L.1 Digestive CancersNadine Zeinab
3.L.6 Head/Neck CancersNuno Vilaca Marques
3.L.8 Gynecological cancersMina Kovacevic
3.O Cancer during pregnancyMina Kovacevic
3.P Sexual dysfunction during cancer treatmentGarbine Lizeaga Cundin
3.Q Treatment of Oncology Patients with Organ DysfunctionsNadine Zeinab
4.A.1 Characteristics of proteinspdf Document
4.A.2 Protein Synthesispdf Document
4.A.3 Monoclonal AntibodiesProf. Alain Astier
4.B.1 Characteristics and basic concepts of biologicsDr. Ahmet Sami Bosnak
4.B.2 Development of BiologicsDr. Christophe Bardin
4.B.3 Quality of BiologicsMina Kovacevic
4.C.1 What is Biosimilars? & Biosimilar Development Part I Nadine Zeinab
4.C.2 Biosimilar Development Part II Mina Kovacevic
4.D.4 Biosimilarity Studies Dr. Christophe Bardin
4.E.1 1st Gen G-CSF / Erythropoietin Mina Kovacevic
4.E.2 2nd Gen. Infliximab / Insulin Mina Kovacevic
4.E.3 3rd Gen. Rituximab / Trastuzumab Mina Kovacevic
4.E.4 Clinical Guidelines, Central Mina Kovacevic

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