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Drugs with carcinogenic, mutagenic and/ or reproductive toxicity must must be handled with caution. Promoting Quality Standards for the Oncology Pharmacy Service ESOP offers a guideline for the transport of highly potent drugs and practical help.

Suppliers are asked to take precautions to avoid:
-breakage (e.g. plastic bottles instead of glass bottles)
-external contamination (e.g. cleaning, outer wrapping)

Thus, for the delivery of any cmr-drugs QuapoS guidelines insist on the following:
-secured, sealed, leak-proof cases
-a separate delivery
-clear labeling (in the spoken language of the recipient)

Labels should indicate:
-a warning of the highly potent drug
-that contact must be avoided
-that pregnant or breastfeeding women must not handle the product
-an emergency contact in case of spillage

News from Austria:
Standards für das Gebrauchsfertigmachen, die Applikation
und die Entsorgung von Zytostatika

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