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Pharmaceutical Strategy

On Wednesday 25 November 2020, the European Commission has published its long awaited Communication setting out a new “Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe”.

Europe’s Pharmaceutical Strategy has four main objectives:

  • Ensuring access to affordable medicines for patients, and addressing unmet medical needs (e.g. in the areas of antimicrobial resistance, cancer, rare diseases);
  • Supporting competitiveness, innovation and sustainability of the EU’s pharmaceutical industry and the development of high quality, safe, effective and greener medicines
  • Enhancing crisis preparedness and response mechanisms, and addressing security of supply;
  • Ensuring a strong EU voice in the world, by promoting a high level of quality, efficacy and safety standards.

The launch was preceded by a consultation round for stakeholders, where ESOP has given extensive input.

Since the pharmaceutical strategy also comprises adaptation of the pharmaceutical European legislative framework, the action of the upcoming years could potentially be very beneficial for all in the area of health-care, including oncology. We will continu to seek collaboration with the EU Sante and the MEPs involved in this work.