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Mirlinda Mripa, Ankara

Local Society

Turkish Oncology Pharmacy Association

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Current Information

QuapoS 6 (English)
Spill Kit
Decontamination after inadvertent release
High Standards of Oncology Pharmacy in Practice and Research
High Standards of Oncology Pharmacy in Practice and Research /Onkoloji Eczaciligi Uygulama ve Arastirma Yüksek Standartlari Avrupa Onkoloji Eczacilari Dernegi (ESOP)
Letter to companies and authorities.
Journal of Turkish Oncology Pharmacy

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Antineoplastic Drug Preparation Techniques Guide

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Clinical Oncology Pharmacy Continuing Education Letters

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Certificated E-Learning System Education Programme / Antineoplastics Preparation Techniques and Safe Room Management (with ESOP Acreditation)

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Turkish Oncology Pharmacists Workshop Group / Located under Facebook
Turkish Hospital Pharmacists Portal

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National Oncology Pharmacy Internship Office

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