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24. July 2019

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8. February 2021

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9. December 2020

Pharmaceutical Strategy

On Wednesday 25 November 2020, the European Commission has published its long awaited Communication setting out a new “Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe”.

Europe’s Pharmaceutical Strategy has four main objectives:

  • Ensuring access to affordable medicines for patients, and addressing unmet medical needs (e.g. in the areas of antimicrobial resistance, cancer, rare diseases);
  • Supporting competitiveness, innovation and sustainability of the EU’s pharmaceutical industry and the development of high quality, safe, effective and greener medicines
  • Enhancing crisis preparedness and response mechanisms, and addressing security of supply;
  • Ensuring a strong EU voice in the world, by promoting a high level of quality, efficacy and safety standards.

The launch was preceded by a consultation round for stakeholders, where ESOP has given extensive input.

Since the pharmaceutical strategy also comprises adaptation of the pharmaceutical European legislative framework, the action of the upcoming years could potentially be very beneficial for all in the area of health-care, including oncology. We will continu to seek collaboration with the EU Sante and the MEPs involved in this work.


2. March 2020


Bogdan Larin, Kyiv
LLC Yuria-Pharm
Oncology Pharmacy
Email: bl[at]
Victoria Zapotochna, Kyiv
Tory Group Ukraine LLC
Website: Tory Group
Email: vz[at]

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QuapoS 6
Spill Kit
Decontamination after inadvertent release
High Standards of Oncology Pharmacy in Practice and Research


19. January 2020


Oscar Angel Morales Bustamante
Email: oamb[at]
Jose Alberto Castillo Figueroa
Email: jacf[at]
Sandra Antonieta Palacios García 
Email: spg[at]

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QuapoS 6
Spill Kit
Decontamination after inadvertent release
High Standards of Oncology Pharmacy in Practice and Research

Ivory Coast

Case Reports

7. January 2020

To create a new Case Report, please use the following templates:

Open / Download Actual Case Reports

Extravasation; Prevention and Treatment Approaches Casereport 1/15 (clinical)
Elder Patients Enagement and Adherence Diagnosed With Metatstatic Renal Cell Carcinoma Casereport 2013 (practise)
Multiple myeloma (plasmocytoma) with FUO and mucositis after autologous stem cell transplantation Casereport 06 (clinical)
Pancytopenia and oesophageal thrush after irradiation and palliative chemotherapy of adenocarcinoma of the lung (NSCLC) Casereport 05 (clinical)
Underststanding and Consulting Menopause & chemotherapy Casereport 04/12 (practise)
Therapy and supportive care of a high-grade-non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma Casereport 04 (clinical)
Adjuvant and palliative treatment of carcinoma of the sigmoid colon Casereport 03 (clinical)
A 59 years old man with stage IV malign lung carcinoma Casereport 04/11 (practise)
Adjuvant treatment of carcinoma of the sigmoid colon Casereport 02 (clinical)
A 69 years old woman with stage IV small cell lung carcinoma Casereport 12/10 (practise)
Non-small cell lung adenocarcinoma (NSCLC) with lung metastasis and lymphangitis carcinomatosis, stage IV Casereport 01 (clinical)
53 years old female patient with Stage IV Breast Carcinoma Lung Metastasis Casereport 11/10 (practise)


20. December 2019

The European Journal of Oncology Pharmacy

The European Journal of Oncology Pharmacy is a peer-reviewed pharmaceutical journal in the field of cancer treatment. The journal encompasses all the recent issues related to the role of pharmacists in the prevention and treatment of cancers under its scope. This includes basic and applied researches on the synthesis or extraction, compounding, analysis, stability, pharmacology, side-effects, and clinical use of anticancer drugs and adjuvants therapies such as antiemetic, analgesic, or complementary medicines.

Now Open for Manuscript Submissions

European Journal of Oncology Pharmacy now seeks top-quality articles from the global research community which will aid in achieving high impact factor and largest diffusion. Authors are encouraged to share their ideas and valuable research outcomes through this Journal and provide the global readers updated and most important information in the mode of original articles, review articles, case reports, and short communications.

Benefits to Publishing in European Journal of Oncology Pharmacy!

  • No submission fees
  • Own the copyright to your work
  • Clear ethical guidelines
  • Compliant with open access funding mandates

More info at

Yellow Hand

12. December 2019

Drugs with carcinogenic, mutagenic and/ or reproductive toxicity must must be handled with caution. Promoting Quality Standards for the Oncology Pharmacy Service ESOP offers a guideline for the transport of highly potent drugs and practical help.

Suppliers are asked to take precautions to avoid:
-breakage (e.g. plastic bottles instead of glass bottles)
-external contamination (e.g. cleaning, outer wrapping)

Thus, for the delivery of any cmr-drugs QuapoS guidelines insist on the following:
-secured, sealed, leak-proof cases
-a separate delivery
-clear labeling (in the spoken language of the recipient)

Labels should indicate:
-a warning of the highly potent drug
-that contact must be avoided
-that pregnant or breastfeeding women must not handle the product
-an emergency contact in case of spillage

News from Austria:
Standards für das Gebrauchsfertigmachen, die Applikation
und die Entsorgung von Zytostatika

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5. December 2019

The European Conference of Oncology Pharmacy will provide a distinct multi-professional setting and multidisciplinary approach to promote the highest standards of pharmaceutical care in the management and support of patients with tumours.

The programme aims to equip oncology pharmacy practitioners with knowledge about recent developments, advance the effectiveness of healthcare delivery and increase the quality of patient care. State-of-the-art advances in research, patient management and practice will be showcased in keynote lectures, scientific symposia and poster sessions in two well-defined tracks: clinical and practical.

Target Audience
This conference attracts multiple stakeholders: oncology pharmacists, hospital pharmacists, community pharmacists, medical oncologists, oncology physicians, pharmacy nurses, pharma industry.

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